Berkeley Hills Nursery School

Berkeley Hills Nursery School is a small, private, non-profit preschool dedicated to the total development of each child.

The school was founded in 1938 as one of the first parent cooperatives in the country. Current director Terry Gillen has operated the fully-licensed preschool since 1985. The Board of Directors which governs the school is composed of alumni, current parents, and members of the community. Our dedicated staff has extensive early childhood development experience.

We offer separate programs for 2.9-4 year olds (RED Room) and 4-5 year olds (BLUE Room). Children participate in a multi-faceted teacher facilitated program 5 days a week from 9-1 pm. First year RED Room children have the option of attending three, four or five days a week. Extended care occurs 1-3pm daily, based on need. Early care is available at 8:45.

At Berkeley Hills, we allow children to develop at their own pace, taking the time to discover things for themselves. Our community emphasis on social skills, such as cooperation and respect for others, along with emergent and enriched curriculum, creates an environment tailored to the growth of the whole child. To ensure careful supervision and individual attention, each class of twenty children receives the guidance of three experienced childhood professionals.